Thermal / Heat Impulse Sealing

We have extensive experience with Heat Impulse Sealing.  This common sealing method is used for Port seals and for Perimeter seals on our 2-D and 3-D bags.

We use Packworld USA heat seal technology to control the temperature, pressure and cycle time of our sealing process.  Packworld is a leading machine manufacturer for precision controlled and validatable heat sealing equipment.  Their TOSS system uses Variable Resistance Controlled impulse technology to monitor and adjust temperature precisely over the full length and width of the heat sealing element.  Additionally, we incorporate water cooling in our sealing bars for precise cooling.

Our computer controlled and validated heat seal process for each of our films ensures consistency and repeatability of our Port and Seam seals.

We perform routine integrity testing of our seam seals.  We measure the separation force necessary to pull seams apart to ensure we achieve complete melting at the seam.

We perform leak testing on 100% of our product using precise pressure decay instrumentation.