RF Sealing

We utilize Radio Frequency (RF) sealing for many of our 2-D bags.

We use this process to manufacture bags from 125 ml to 20 Liters in volume.  Only our NxFlex® F1000 and NxFlex® F1000C films are used with RF sealing.  We have specific RF sealing Tools or Dies for each bag size.  The design of the tool creates the precise shape and consistency of the 2-D bag.  Proper use of this technology creates clear and uniform seals with excellent strength.  This common sealing method is used for end Ports as well as Perimeter seals on our 2-D bags.

We perform routine integrity testing of our seam seals.  We measure the separation force necessary to pull seams apart to ensure we achieve complete melting at the seam.

We perform leak testing on 100% of our product using precise pressure decay instrumentation.